Tools & Calculators

Check out some of our amazing work to find the areas where we can help you.

Tax Liability Calculator

Personal Finance

Calculate your income tax liability and get a detailed report on ways to decrease your taxes and increase your disposable income.

Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Builder is our AI powered tool to build the perfect portfolio for you that provides you with ample liquidity, growth and risk management.

Debt Calculator

Personal Management

Find the appropriate allocation you need to make to your debt portfolio and get detailed SWOT report on how you can maximize your returns.

Risk Appetite Calculator

Personal Finance

After using this you will understand your risk appetite and we will create a sample roadmap of ways in which you can improve your returns.

RM Calculator

Personal Management

Use this calculator to find the right allocation you need in risk management of your portfolio. We also share our SWOT to assist you in maximizing your returns.

Financial Fitness

Personal Finance

Use this calculator to check your financial fitness score and our report will help you in understanding ways in which you can improve your score.

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