Start Smart Investment Solutions Ideology for Stock Market Research in India

We invest your money across major asset classes. Our fund managers invest for the all round growth of your capital. That's why we allocate your capital for it's growth along with an adequate risk management. We refer our Growth Investment Ideology as FUBAR.

FUBAR stands for -

  • F - Fiery Management
  • U - Under-Appreciated Market Size
  • B - Bright Market Prospects
  • A - Adaptable to Industry Changes
  • R - Robust Business Model

We invest in companies that fit our FUBAR criteria for the long term growth of your capital. Our allocation to equity dynamically changes according to the economic conditions. We manage your risk by balancing it with cash and it's equivalents along with investing in safe havens.

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The Start Smart investment solutions aid investors in conducting efficient stock research and analysis by providing quality fundamental data with insightful visuals.

Let's understand the need for stock market research in India :

Companies looking to raise funds for expansion use the stock market as their primary source of capital. The investment can also assist a company in the launch of new products and the repayment of debt.

However, the stock market is subjected to fluctuations that can have an impact on a company's finances and even the global economy. So, there are chances when you as an investor see that a listed company is doing well financially, they are more likely to purchase additional stocks, stock options, or stock mutual funds but what if everything turns out to be the opposite of what you thought?

That is why, before making an investment, it is critical to conduct a stock market analysis. It is not enough to rely on stock investment tips and articles to ensure that you make sound buying and selling decisions.

Why is there a need to conduct Stock market research in India?

When it comes to stock trading, a carefree investing style does not guarantee a profitable return. To answer the following questions, you will need to conduct research.


The stock market research in India will help you analyze the firm's portfolio, so before investing, our experts will gather basic information about the company, such as its financial records, operating structure, management history, and market performance, among other things. The majority of the information will be gathered from the company's or affiliate sites' websites.


The experts of stock market research in India will help you understand the stock market value of the company. An investor must consider the market value of a company's stock before investing in its stock. Investors can determine the viability of future earnings and the required price and stock ratios by researching the company's success rate.


Analyze the Competition : Not every company in its segment will be a single-player; valid stock market research in India will inform investors about the company's competitors, their market value, their growth rate, the company's age, and how the stock compares to the competition.


Through stock market research in India, let’s get to know the company's background. Traders can learn about a company's history and market performance by conducting research. Quarterly and annual reports will show the company's earnings, market value, and current net worth.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Our mission at The Start Smart investment solution is to make the world a smarter, happier, and more prosperous place. Every day, we assist millions of people all over the world in achieving their financial goals. Every penny, we believe, should be treated as an investment in the future you want to build.

We strive to achieve our mission by providing exceptional service to all who entrust their faith, from our employees to our members to our community. That is why, in all of our work, we strive to follow the "Golden Rule," which states that we should treat others as we would like to be treated.

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Since 2019, Start Smart has been focused on building mutually beneficial relationships, product innovation, and expanding areas to serve enterprise clients, all of which, has contributed to our success.


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Some frequently asked questions

Start Smart Investment Solutions (SSIS) offers investment consultancy services to businesses and individuals. Using our proprietary and analytical tools, we find undervalued investment opportunities in equity, commodity and debt markets. We offer services for three categories of investors.
  • Business Consulting - SSIS creates Valuation Certificates, Pitch-Decks and organizes Fundraisers for Start-Ups and Young Businesses. For established businesses we offer advanced services like Corporate Restructuring, Working Capital Management, etc.
    For more information click here
  • Individual Investors - SSIS created and manages six portfolios for investors with different risk profiles and investment goals. Any individual investor can invest in these portfolios and enjoy the benefits of our investment approach.
  • Do-It-Yourself Investors - Investing is a business that requires swift and efficient analysis of different securities. To decrease the time and effort put in by DIY investors, we have designed three subscription plans; SSIS Premium Newsletter, Smart Trader, and Smart Investor, that increases the efficiency of DIY Investors.
    click here You can read more about it here

SSIS became a part of the financial management industry in August 2019. Our top management has a collective experience of 10+ years in the financial markets. Since the inception of our business we have been trying to increase the proportion of liquid assets held by the Indian Consumer. With our proprietary tools and analytical approach we aim to improve the value for money in liquid assets for the investor.

Stocks are financial instruments that represent a stake in one or more businesses. You become a shareholder of a company when you purchase its stock. The stock certificate serves as proof of ownership and shows how many shares you own. You can invest in a single company or a group of companies. The number of stocks you can have in your portfolio is limitless.
Generally, investors seek to purchase stocks of companies that are expected to grow in value. When the stock price rises, the stockholder can sell his or her stock and profit.

Before beginning the stock market journey, investors must understand the terms stocks and shares.' The terms are frequently used interchangeably and many people are also unaware that there is a distinction between stock and share.
Let's take a look at the key differences between stocks and shares in the table below:
  • ● Meaning: Stocks give you a share of ownership in one or more businesses. Shares, on the other hand, represent sole ownership of a single company.
  • ● Stocks are divided into two categories: common stock and preferred stock. Investors can own two types of shares, similar to stocks: private and public.
  • ● When you buy stock in a company, you are buying shares of that company's stock. The term stock has no specific meaning and can refer to one or more businesses. Each share, on the other hand, has a specific value and is linked to a specific company.
  • ● If you need someone who can conduct Stock market research in India then feel free to check out our website.

After the market has closed or been shut down, you are unable to trade. Even though physical presence is no longer required for trading, it is impossible to trade after the market has closed. You can only trade from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., but many passive investors trade outside of those hours. Market Orders, or AMOs, are orders placed after trading hours, and they can cause a volatile market. AMO also affects the value of a company's stock.

Undervalued stocks are those that are trading for less than their true worth. Investors use fundamental and technical analysis to find these stocks. The process of determining the value of an asset by looking at external factors such as industry trends is known as fundamental analysis. The process of analyzing price movements using historical data is known as technical analysis. Traders use these methods to figure out how much-undervalued stocks are worth. You can always do more research to find answers to your questions about undervalued stocks in the stock market.
You also can depend positively on Start Smart investment solutions for the Stock market research in India and get to know more about a company's history and market performance by conducting research. Quarterly and annual reports will show the company's earnings, market value, and current net worth.

The thumb rule of investing is to define the fundamentals behind the need to make a stock purchase. When asked ‘where do we start?’ Always ask three simple questions -
  • ● What are my goals? The reason behind making an investment
  • ● How long can I stay invested? The time frame I have in hand to earn positive returns
  • ● What is my risk tolerance? Till when can I afford to bear risk, if any? This stands as the most invaluable investment strategy as it creates a base for any individual who wants to begin investing.

The following stock research tools, in our opinion, are at the forefront of solving this problem by providing a diverse set of user-friendly features that aid in the generation of actionable insights rather than just spewing raw data.
  • ● Ycharts
  • ● Business Quant
  • ● Gurufocus
  • ● Morningstar Premium
  • ● S&P Capital IQ
If you are looking for a company to conduct Stock market research in India then you are in the right place. The Start Smart investment solutions aid investors in conducting efficient stock research and analysis by providing quality fundamental data with insightful visuals.

The type of investment determines how to research stocks. If you're trading rather than investing for the long term, you can rely on historical charts, price trends, and so on. We won't have to devote a lot of time to research. However, If you intend to invest for the long term, you should conduct extensive stock market research in India on the company. If the investment period is longer than a year, you must conduct research into the company's fundamentals, analyze financial statements, conduct competitor analysis, and so on.
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