Case Studies

Check out some of our amazing work to find the areas where we can help you.

Consulting Client : Automotive Equipment Manufacturer

An auto spare parts manufacturer had expansion plans for business and asked us to value the project and meet up with capital requirements.

Financial Planning Client : A Young Couple

A couple in early 30s wanted to set up an education and wedding fund for their two young children.

Financial Planning Client : Retirement Planning

A middle aged couple inching closer to retirement approached us to create a retirement fund.

Financial Planning Client : Wealth Creation

An MBA in his early 20s wanted us to create a portfolio that could withstand every impact and have a long term competitive edge.

Consulting Client : A Tech-Driven Startup

A 2 year old SaaS, PaaS ed-tech startup approached us to value their upcoming projects so they could raise an adequate amount of funding and did one round of bond offerings.

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