SSIS Contra Portfolio

The SSIS Contra Portfolio invests your money in a pool of investments that target different areas of the market for optimum portfolio growth. This portfolio aims to yield the most out of your capital by investing in deeply undervalued companies on the Indian Stock Market. This portfolio can be highly volatile and thus investors should have a long-term risk appetite to yield the most out of their investments.

Performance Chart(Absolute return since inception date against a benchmark, use nifty 50 daily closing rate)

How Do We Manage SSIS Contra Portfolio?

The SSIS Contra Portfolio follows the principles of contrarian investing. Contrarian investing, in simple words, is investing against the crowd. A contrarian investor buys a stock when the crowd is selling it and sells it when the majority starts buying. Contrarian investing involves high risk and is not advised to investors who have a low-risk appetite.

As our risk transfer strategy, we allocate a small percentage of the portfolio to insurance yielding a stable return. The rest is invested in deeply undervalued equities listed on the Indian Stock Market that provide high returns to investors.

We advise investors to start by investing a small amount in this portfolio and only increase their portfolio size when they get comfortable with the volatility and added risks of this portfolio. With every rebalancing, an investor can opt to add or withdraw funds. SSIS Contra Portfolio invests only in equities that are moderately liquid and have high risks and volatility, thus, boosting the growth of your money.

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How To Start Your Contra Portfolio?

To invest in this SSIS Contra Portfolio you have to follow these steps:-

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Some frequently asked questions

To invest in SSIS Portfolios you have to follow the following steps:-
  • a) Click on the ‘Invest Now’ button and fill in the KYC/Booking Form.
  • b) Our Client Representative gets in touch with you to handle all the formalities.
  • c) Post that, we set up the portfolio in your DEMAT account. The access of your account and investments stays with you.
  • d) We rebalance the portfolios once in every quarter. At the time of the next rebalancing, our client representative will contact you to make the necessary amends.
  • e) The same process follows till the time you wish to stay invested in SSIS Portfolios.

We request our clients to add a new trading account to their current demat account so that we can operate without interfering with your previous arrangements. At the time of setting up your account, our client representative creates your portfolio exactly like the portfolio our team manages. At the time of the portfolio rebalancing, our representative will make the changes in your portfolio. You can choose whether you want them to do it at your location or via online measures. Despite minimal interference from our team, you always remain in control of your money

If you choose the investment option as lumpsum at the time of investing, we charge a one time flat fee that is debited from your account every quarter. If you increase your portfolio size during the tenure the system automatically makes changes for the increase/decrease in management charges on a quarterly basis. In the SIP investment option, our management fees are deducted every month

SSIS caters to the needs of all categories of investors. We manage six portfolios for different investor needs and risk profiles. Every portfolio uses unique tactics that submerge into our investment ideology.In the increasing order of risk along with 2022 expected return, they are
  • 1. SSIS Balanced Portfolio 9%
  • 2. SSIS All-Weather Portfolio 13%
  • 3. SSIS Multi-Asset Portfolio 13%
  • 4. SSIS Multi-Cap Portfolio 18%
  • 5. SSIS Contra Portfolio 24%
The last of the six portfolios is our specially designed SSIS Business Benefit Portfolio, that enables businesses to increase their profits by investing excess working capital. This highly liquid, low risk portfolio has forward estimates of 8.25% for 2022.
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