"Invest in the all weather fund for year round stability"

Start Smart

What are Smart Deposits?

Start Smart offers smart deposits with the aspiration of revolutionizing fixed income instruments. In our smart deposits we offer a guaranteed fixed interest of 10% p.a.

We raise the funds for Smart Deposits once a year. The fund thus raised is invested in a defensive portfolio to provide stable returns over a steady period of time. This portfolio consists of a perfect mix of investments ranging from risk averse assets like government securities to high risk growth assets like small cap equities. We issue an agreement between the client and the company to ensure the interests of both the parties.

Start Smart

How do Smart Deposits work?

Smart Deposits works like a fixed income instrument. The interest offered on smart deposits is fixed. The taxation on these investments is exactly the same as taxation on interest earned in any other fixed income instrument like FDs and bonds. The investments are done via fundraisers. We usually organize two fundraisers every year (March and November). During other months you can book your fund with us, but the agreements are issued during the next fundraiser. This agreement is a legal binding to secure your interest payments. The key features of smart deposits are mentioned below-

Start Smart manages this defensive portfolio for our clients to keep the capital safe and secure. This defensive portfolio is built and managed by a team of SEBI registered Investment Advisors and Research Analysts. The capital is dynamically allocated between equity and commodity. The equity investments are made in undervalued established companies and commodities are purchased in highly liquid ETFs. We only allow a one time investment system, that is, we don't allow recurring monthly investment like SIPs. The risk rating of this product is as follows-

Start Smart
“Investors understand their principal value will be at moderately low risk (for illustrative purpose only)”

What Start Smart Offers?

Managed By Experts

Smart Deposits are created and managed by SEBI registered Investment Advisors and Research Analysts, experienced in their domains. The portfolio thus created, is kept defensive to provide steady returns for a long term.

Simple And Secure

Smart Deposits are very simple to understand. Fixed income instruments provide safety to capital. Similarly, Smart Deposits also come with 100% capital guarantee. The principal amount added with interest is paid back on maturity.

Higher Interest Rates

Smart Deposits have a steady and guaranteed annual rate of interest of 10%(as of 2020). This is the highest rate of return offered by any fixed income instrument in the country. The investor also has higher liquidity compared to most of the fixed income instruments.

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